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Christian Taylor Ferguson
On June 11, 2003, at approximately 6:09 am, a disabled 9-year-old child named Christian Taylor Ferguson was reported missing from St. Louis, Missouri.

Christian’s biological father told police that he was using a pay phone when someone drove away in his SUV. Christian was said to be ill and lying in the vehicle when this crime took place. The father was taken to the police station for further questioning about Christian’s disappearance, but he refused to cooperate with law enforcement. Hours later, the SUV was recovered, but the whereabouts of Christian remain unknown.

The family of Christian Taylor Ferguson has not given up. Read updates about Christian's story at Riverfront Times and Fox 2 News.


Please contact Robert McCullouch, St. Louis County Prosecutor, at 314.615.2600 and let him know that you want justice for Christian Ferguson.

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Praying for the safe return of all missing persons.
Looking For An Angel would like for those grieving the disappearance of a loved one to know that we are working to end your pain and suffering. We are praying for the safe return of all missing persons. Looking For An Angel is here for you.